About Us

ADIC (Analog and Digital Integrated Circuit) Technologies Pte Ltd is a research, design and manufacture company. Before it was established in 2016, the team has more than 15 years experiments in:

  • Microwave & millimeter wave communication system

  • microwave & millimeter wave Sensor system

  • Multi-system integration in intelligent transport system, public safety, telecommunication.

  • Control and analysis software for multi-system integration 

  • Microwave & millimeter wave materials for IC assemble, PCB application and antenna application.

  • Industry Automation for Microwave & millimeter chip, module and system measurement.


We uphold the core values of "Science and technologies will lead life" and create value for IOT.

On "Science and technologies will lead life"

We believe that whatever our ICs, submodule and system will lead to industry, public safety and intelligent transport.areas